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Fulfillment for e-commerce

comprehensive logistics of your e-store

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Returns handling

What we do at Huluki Trade

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  • 1 During the receipt process, we will efficiently record the stock of your goods so that together we can track its level and manage it effectively - replenish and send back the stock.

  • 2 We will store your products safely.

  • 3 We will complete and pack the shipments appropriately.

  • 4 We will shorten the shipment preparation time to a minimum.

  • 5 We will include receipts and invoices with shipments.

  • 6 We will handle returns efficiently, offering additional services that will return the products to their original quality - return registration, product quality control, ironing, packaging.

  • 7 We will ensure the safety of your product in warehouse processes - we have monitoring in key places for the processes.


In the area of product introduction, we emphasize a creative and individual approach to the implementation of our clients' brands on various platforms. At the same time, we ensure that customer data complies with the precise requirements of the markets in which we present our products. This is a key element of our business. Our role includes not only the effective introduction of products to sales platforms, but also active participation in the process of making them available and regular adaptation to changing trends. Additionally, we offer support in creating inspiring advertising campaigns, adapted to various marketing platforms, which is an integral part of our mission.

on every
sales stage

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In the sales area, we focus on precise inventory management, ensuring that the warehouse is optimally stocked. We actively inform customers about the current sales amount, including all information regarding possible returns. Our activities also include the systematic creation of comprehensive analyses, focusing on aspects such as returns, sales trends and identification of important recipient groups. Thanks to this, we provide comprehensive information, supporting our clients in making strategic business decisions.

Contact us

Join us in three simple steps


First, tell us what you do, what your production process looks like and what tools you have at your disposal (photos, product descriptions, EAN codes).


Based on the information you send, we will thoroughly examine the specifics of your brand, its target group, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Our specialists will analyze the possibilities of your brand and the best markets and sales platforms.


We will prepare a tailor-made e-commerce strategy and brand development opportunities for you. We will also help in individual stages of the offer implementation.

What you gain by joining Huluki Trade?

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Individual approach to your needs

We will prepare a tailor-made offer, tailored to your needs and the capabilities of your company.

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Professional help

At every stage of strategy implementation, you can count on professional help from our team.

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We guarantee the highest security standards for the protection of your personal data, products and sales results.

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Care of the best specialists in the industry

We work with the best specialists in the industry who will provide assistance in any situation that requires it.

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Strengthening your brand's position on the e-commerce market

With our help, your company will become more successful and gain recognition on international e-commerce markets.

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Greater profit

Your company will start to bring more profits.

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