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Huluki Trade is a team of e-commerce experts and fashion exporters whose mission is to internationalize brands. For many years, we have worked with great success as managers for the largest fashion brands in Poland.

Years of observation of the Polish fashion market have confirmed our belief that domestic brands are still not ready to fight for themselves online. Many brands try to go beyond the stationary business and become present in the minds of customers - not only Polish, but also foreign ones, but their mission often ends in failure. Why? The main problem may be comparing expectations with actual possibilities. The domestic market is definitely different from the foreign one, both stationary and online - where the product becomes instantly available globally. Our observations show that as many as three quarters of companies in Poland do not know how or are not properly prepared for such an important step as distribution in the online channel. We have already helped over 100 partners. We invite you to cooperate.

History Huluki

History of Huluki Sp. z o. o. began with one man, Mr. Janek Petri, who in 2013 decided to fulfill his dream of opening a company. Even though he did not have significant financial resources to immediately develop the company, he believed in his vision and that he would one day be successful. His goal was to gather a group of top-class specialists with know-how and experience in the field of e-commerce clothing in order to create an enterprise from scratch that will help Polish brands enter international markets and give them a chance to develop outside the country.

The beginnings were difficult. Mr. Janek Petri worked several hours a day, trying to earn a living and develop his company. He slowly began to acquire the first customers and at the same time made the brand famous, but it turned out that an undertaking on such a large scale was more difficult than he initially expected. In 2016, he managed to start selling on the Czech and Slovak markets, but the company ended the year with revenues of only PLN 13,000. zloty. Fortunately, at this point he managed to establish a business relationship with two investors who had both capital for development and extensive experience in running a business. After numerous conversations and meetings, Mr. Janek's enthusiasm convinced Mr. Dominik Kotkowski and Łukasz Wierzbicki to join the company.

After obtaining the necessary funds, Huluki began to achieve its first successes. Their services became increasingly popular and the team grew. The first large contracts were signed with foreign companies and Huluki also managed to enter Romania and Hungary. The year 2017 ended with sales revenues of PLN 225,000. PLN, which meant a huge increase compared to the previous year. Finally, all the efforts of the managers began to pay off and the Huluki name began to be recognized in the clothing industry.
In the following years, the company continued to develop, gaining an increasing number of customers both in Poland and abroad. Sales were also launched on the German market. Thanks to the hard work of the 15-person team and the management board, in 2019 we managed to achieve a turnover of PLN 6.6 million. In 2020, a decision was made to employ more people, moreover, market conditions were very favorable and Huluki managed to take advantage of the situation, achieving record results - turnover exceeded PLN 15 million. This was a breakthrough moment in the company's history, which strengthened its position on the e-commerce services market and gave it additional funds for further development.

In 2021, just 8 years after its establishment, Huluki managed to achieve revenues of PLN 25.6 million, and the number of employees increased to 30 people. In addition, additional warehouse space was rented and a development plan was prepared for the coming years, which allowed us to maintain a stable position on the market. In 2023, the company focused on implementing previously intended investment plans, and in 2024, the company managed to sign contracts with the company that will enable Huluka to enter the Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Finnish markets. In 2024, the company will also start offering sales services in Belenux countries.

Despite its success, the Huluki team and management have always remained true to their original passion and continue to work hard to become a significant player in the e-commerce market internationally. The company adheres to the principles of full transparency and applies only fair commercial practices, which is why many suppliers trust it. Recent years have shown the potential of the business, which confirms the people associated with Huluki in the belief that with hard work and perseverance you can achieve anything.

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Establishment of the company


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PLN 13,864

2 employees,

expansion into the Czech and Slovak markets


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PLN 225,224

3 employees,

expansion to the Romanian and Hungarian markets


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PLN 6,663,980

15 employees,

expansion into the German market.


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PLN 15,100,748

23 employees


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PLN 25,859,558

30 employees


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Expansion into the Spanish market,

French, Portuguese, Italian and Finnish

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